Depending on the engine size, we have many venturi and throttle plate sizes to build a no compromize custom carburetor for your street or strip car.

While EFI cannot be ignored, and have some features that a carburetor will never have, it also comes at a price.

Many who convert to EFI have had a poor carburetor experience in the past. We add adjustments to many of the fixed circuits in the Holley carburetor. This allows tuning at a higher level and those who have purchased these carburetors can attest, the driveability is greatly improved.

Custom 4150 carburetors start at $950 and up, depending on the modification level.

As with all the other carburetors we build and modify, using your core, if it is suitable, will reduce the cost.

4150 Street / Strip Carbs by
Ryan Brown Performance