Until now, the MSD 8570 was only available with a single magnetic pickup.  We see this distributor used often in crate motor applications where the air box clearance is tight.  The MSD 8570, with its small package and low profile is a great choice.  The only thing holding this distributor back was the single pickup. 

We have taken this distributor and modified it to accept a second magnetic trigger.  Our customers are using the second pickup to trigger a completely separate backup ignition system, or we can also modify the location of the pickup allowing your "B" box take timing away when the track conditions require it.

This modification is done on our CNC machine and then the trigger phasing is set on the Ignition Dyno.

Pricing starts as a $185 option on a new distributor, or we can modify yours, contact us for details


MSD 8570 Dual Trigger Option by
Ryan Brown Performance