The ignition system is often overlooked.  If you were to poll a group of racers... the majority of them will say they have fought ignition issues at some point.  Having some way to test the COMPLETE ignition system, right down to the plug wires is something that we could not function without.



We have found countless problems that racers have spent hours struggling to diagnose in a matter of minutes, once the system is wired to our "Ignition Dyno".

Our HEI distributor package is very popular as we approach the repair and recurving of this unit with permanent fixes.  We so very often see the typical bargain $100 "recurve" that does more to hurt the distributor's performance more than to help it.

Ignition Systems

This racer spend 5 races trying to sort out a high RPM miss.  They threw all kinds of new parts at it, then they sent it here and we found the problem in the first ignition dyno cycle.

Here is a pic of the problem... a short to ground that only showed up under high cylinder pressure, as we can duplicate on our "Ignition Dyno"