Q-Jet Carburetor Info

The Rochester Quadrajet is a great carburetor... once it's flaws are addressed:
Leaking Well Plugs
Warped Castings
Primary Throttle Shaft worn in Baseplate
Secondary POE Tubes Loose
and a handful of others...

Just one of the above issues will inhibit proper operation of this carburetor.

It seems time has taken a toll on the condition of these Carburetors and now the cores people bring for us to work on seem to need EVERYTHING listed above.

Our Q-Jet package will repair all of these issues, along with a complete surface restoration including di-chromating and zinc plating (no paint cans here) of the entire unit, careful calibration and mods to YOUR engine / vehicle specs.  Wet Flow tested and quality assured.

Smooth performance is one of the trademarks of the Quadrajet and we can make it happen!